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Very much awaited for by worldwide collectors, Lalique Parfums creates its sixth set of miniatures: the Ultimate Collection. Initiated by Marie-Claude Lalique to celebrate the birth of her Perfume, Lalique create each year Limited, Signed and Numbered Editions of Collector's Flacons. In order to perpetuate this appointment with the Ultimate Collection, this case presents three new miniature replicas in glass and surlyn filled with the Perfume Extract Lalique de Lalique. 2003 Limited Edition - Butterfly, two butterflies delicately gathering pollen from a freshly opened dahlia heart. 2004 Limited Edition - Deux Coeurs, intertwined for eternity and putting on a stunning display of passion with grace and delicacy. 2005 Limited Edition - Songe, a metamorphosis of arabesques and swirls twirling around a woman's silhouetted body.

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